Aandginfotech Moving Averge


Moving Average means Moving average crossover strategy. It is also a very common strategy but we have modified it with a couple of improvements. Now it’s generating signals with smart profits.

Strategy Description

In the Moving average crossover strategy, we have used 9 and 13 Ma Crossover on the M15 time frame. It generates signals on crossover after meeting some checkpoints.

Strategy Type

MA Crossover is a positional strategy and works best on SL and Target 3. if you keep SL and Target according to the suggestions, you will get better results.

Stoploss And Target Details

This Strategy works with the Normal SL and TP method. In the strategy, we have SL of 0.5% and Targets 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5%. Users can decide the Stoploss and Targets accordingly.


In the customize strategy panel, we have various order options. You can trade with Market Orders, Limit Orders, Brackets, and Cover Orders. But, we recommend using the Markets Orders because in the Limit order sometimes orders will remain pending and it creates problems. If you are using the Bracket or Cover Orders, Please keep the SL and TP manually while creating a symbol because in the case of BO and CO it will only take the signals from the strategy. Once a signal comes, it takes the set SL and TP and punches the orders on market.