Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & Terms & Condition

We provide individual ID and Password to individual client. We do not provide any trading tips nor we are investment advisers. Our service is solely restricted to automated trading application development, and maintenance. All algorithms are based on back tested data but we do not provide any guarantee for their performance in future. Aandginfotech Trades or its associates are not liable or responsible for any loss or shortfall arising from operations and affected by the market condition. All investment are subject to market risk and there is no guarantee of profit and loss in market. All subscription fees paid to Aandginfotech  is not refundable.

Terms & Condition:-
Don’t share your Demat ID & Password to any one.
Don’t share your customer ID & Password.
Every day before 9:00Am login your software.
Login your software with your own don’t depend on anyone.
Select your stock and quantity of shares in software with your own.