Aandginfotech Reversal


Reversal Trading System is the Price action-based indicator. It works based on time range breakout. Nowadays, most of the trader is looking for the price action based strategies. Because the price action strategy is capable of giving quick signals as compare to any legging indicator.

Strategy Description

As per the trader’s demand, we have made this strategy which works for the first 30 minutes breakout. If the price breach the levels created by the market, it gives signals for buy and sell accordingly.

Strategy Type

Reversal Trading is a purely Intraday based Strategy. If you are using the Reversal Trading strategy then always keep trading in MIS, don’t use NRML.

Stoploss And Target Details

This Strategy works with the Normal SL and TP method. In the strategy, we have SL of 0.5% and Targets 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5%. Users can decide the Stoploss and Targets accordingly.

Order Types

In the customize strategy panel, we have various order options. You can trade with Market Orders, Limit Orders, Brackets, and Cover Orders. But, we recommend using the Markets Orders because in the Limit order sometimes orders will remain pending and it creates problems. If you are using the Bracket or Cover Orders, Please keep the SL and TP manually while creating a symbol because in the case of BO and CO it will only take the signals from the strategy. Once a signal comes, it takes the set SL and TP and punches the orders on market.